Konstantinos Argiros releases new album (VIDEO)



One of the most successful and popular artists in Greece today with over 535k followers on Instagram, Konstantinos Argiros has released a new album and a new music video!

*Cue celebrations!

The album titled «Το Κάτι Παραπάνω» released by Panik Platinum, contains 14 songs including his top hits «Ψέματα», «Ξημερώματα» and «Λιώμα».

His new song «Σ' Έχω Ξεπεράσει» music was written by popular rapper Bo and Petros Iakovidis, who also wrote the lyrics. The music video which was directed by Yiannis Dimitzis, was filmed at the former Hellenic airport, Ellinikon International Airport.

"After two and a half years of experience in the country where I've grown up and I continue to live in, I am sharing moments with you all (either personal or those of friends), it is now time to travel together on a new musical journey, to which I myself have travelled!” the most successful artist of his generation said.

You can purchase your copy of the album here: smarturl.it/ToKatiParapanoAlbum

Now to celebrate his new debut album by listening to it on repeat for days!

*Watch it here 


“Σ' Έχω Ξεπεράσει” Lyrics in Greek

Πλήρωσα με πόνο τα λάθη

όλα τα δικά σου τα πάθη

έδωσα σε σένα το χρόνο

μα ήταν λάθος και ακόμα πληρώνω


Σ' έχω ξεπεράσει γιατί

ήσουν πάντα μία πληγή

μου 'χεις κάνει τόσο κακό

μάζεψε τα φύγε από 'δω

Σ' έχω ξεπεράσει και ζω

βάζω μόνο εγωισμό

μια αγκαλιά σου μια φυλακή

όμως δεν αντέχω να 'μαι εκεί


Έκανες σαν να μην με ξέρεις

μα ήρθε η ώρα για να υποφέρεις

ό,τι άφησες το τελειώνω

αναμνήσεις δικές σου σκοτώνω


“Σ' Έχω Ξεπεράσει” Lyrics Translation

I paid with pain for my mistakes

for all your passions

I gave you the time

but it was a mistake and I'm still paying for it


I’ve gotten over you because

you were always a wound/sore/injury

you've hurt me a lot

collect your things and leave from here

I’ve gotten over you and I'm living

I’m being selfish

your hug is a prison

but I can't stand being there


You pretended like you didn't know me

but the time has come for you to suffer

whatever you left I’m finishing

I'm killing your memories