10th Greece Race for the Cure

cure for cancer

cure for cancer

The 10th Greece Race for the Cure, took place over the weekend in Athens, with thousands coming together to support and fight against breast cancer.

The annual event is an initiative of the Greek Association of Women with Breast Cancer ‘Alma Zois’ and includes a 5 km race and a symbolic 2 km walk. The goal, to raise money to fund programs against breast cancer, provide psychosocial support for breast cancer survivors and provide information to every woman in Greece about the prevention and early detection methods.

cure for cancer 2

The race was scheduled to happen on September 30, but was postponed due to phenomenal weather conditions in Greece at that time.

“This year is special because we celebrate ten years of Greece Race for the Cure. It is the biggest awareness campaign for breast cancer, but generally for prevention and early diagnosis, so we are very happy that the whole world gets the message that the key is prevention… As you can see there are men, women, young, older people and it is very important that they are all talking about a difficult subject, but with a lot of joy with a mood to celebrate, giving priority to prevention,” Paraskevi Michalopoulou, Vice president of Alma Zois stated.