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Humerloc Douglas, an Australian athlete was not only the first to cross the finishing line at the 4th Semi-Marathon of Crete which took place over the weekend, but he also ran a record track time.

The Half Marathon in Crete is an international event which saw more than 4,000 people from Greece, as well as from other countries participate by running along a beautiful route at one of the oldest cities on the island, or spectating and motivating runners from the sidelines of the track and at the finishing line.

Eleftheria Petroulaki was the first woman to finish the race.

The event was organised by the Arkalochori Sports Health Association, with the co-organisation of the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Minoa Pediada, and the cultural associations of Arkalochori, Sumerian , Galatas, and Thrapsano.

After the 4 races (half marathon, 10km run, 5k run and 1km run for children), a huge Cretan Feast was held, with free food, drinks, music and of course plenty of dancing.