Greek banks can deal with future challenges according to Greece's Deputy Minister

Dimitris Liakos

Dimitris Liakos
Following the recent dip in Greek bank shares, Greece's Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister, Dimitris Liakos asserted that although Greek banks will face further challenges they have the knowledge and the means to deal with them.

Liakos, who participated in the recent government meetings on the issue, made the statements during an interview with the ANA.

"The fundamentals of the banks and the constantly improving situation of the Greek economy are inconsistent with the stock market image," he underlined.

On the issue of possible pension cuts, Liakos said that "we continue the effort but we cannot support an anti-social measure that is based on wrong estimates and is not part of the reform efforts."

The Deputy Minister also underlined that 2017 was a record year as far as foreign investments are concerned and estimated that this will continue.

Liakos stressed that "all government members agree on the basis of a development-oriented economic policy with a fair and a strong social sign, ready to promote the necessary reforms and changes, and aligned with the fiscal balance."