Migrants set up camp at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle Square

Migrants set up camp at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle Square 1

Thessaloniki Aristotle Square

Thessaloniki’s iconic Aristotle Square has been transformed into a migrant camp as over the last few days many migrants have slept in sleeping bags and others took to the benches of the square.

Reports claim about 50 migrants from Iran and Iraq are waiting for the police to arrest them and provide them with the necessary documents so they can request asylum.

Aristotle Square

This is not the first time such an incident has been recorded in the heart of Thessaloniki. Recently, migrant groups have also been gathering outside the White Tower police station to be arrested.

One migrant speaking to Greek media said that he and his family stayed for a few days at the refugee shelter in Diavata, where the situation was very poor and wanted his papers processed quickly.

Migrants set up camp at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle Square 3

This comes as two foreign nationals were arrested on Saturday in the area of Kolhiko near Thessaloniki, for the illegal transport of undocumented migrants.

According to police the two suspects, aged 36 and 31, had hidden in their truck 29 undocumented migrants.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the migrants got into Greece from Evros, on the Greek-Turkish borders, and had paid the suspects for their transfer to Thessaloniki.

The arrested will be sent to Thessaloniki prosecutor.

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