German President apologises again to Greece for Nazi atrocities

German President apologises again to Greece for Nazi atrocities 1

Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said yesterday that his country recognises the historical and moral responsibility for Nazi atrocities during World War II against Greece.

Steinmeier made the comment during his visit to the former SS camp in Chaidari which was televised from Deutsche Welle. He further stressed that Germans are not disclaiming responsibility for the past, but they need to work together with Greeks in order for future generations to live without prejudice and to promote a common Europe.

“We Germans cannot shirk the responsibility of the past. We bear historical responsibility. We bring moral responsibility. There is no question. My predecessor had apologised to Greece and to the Greek people for what has happened. And I today, after visiting the SS concentration camp in Chaidari, I say the same, ” said the German President.

Despite the different legal positions on the issue of war reparations, Mr Steinmeier said that “we are of the opinion that what we have to do today is to point out to future generations that we remember, of course, this tragic past and we do not deny it, but above all, we now have a duty to prepare the new generations for a future without prejudice and resentment, and work together to promote this common Europe. “