Greek government accused of ‘’turning over” cultural monuments to creditors

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Staff from the Greek Ministry of Culture have accused the Greek government of handing over cultural monuments to Greece’s creditors via a Superfund.

The staff, which included including guards and archaeologists, held a protest rally at the entrance to the Acropolis on Thursday, for a 24-hour strike and demanded the Minister provide them with "the full list of monuments of cultural interest belonging to the Greek people that have been turned over to the creditors' Superfund," and the terms under which this happened.

The Culture Minister Myrsini Zorba and Deputy Minister Constantinos Stratis met with the striking staff at the Acropolis area and assured them that archaeological sites were not turned over to the Superfund.

"There are a lot of people who have booked tickets today to visit archaeological sites and will not be able to do so. I do not believe that this contributes to the protection of cultural heritage," the minister told national broadcaster ERT, adding that the ministry is open to dialog with staff.

The Minister agreed to meet the staff to discuss the issue on October 17 at the Ministry.