3 migrant women killed near Evros may have been attacked by Jihadi extremists

Evros river Greece Turkey

Evros murders

The three young migrant women whose throats were slashed in a shocking murder case along a key border crossing Northern Greece may have been targeted by jihadi extremists, Greek investigators said on Sunday.

Authorities from national security agents and homicide experts have been assigned to the site of the crime scene along the Evros border crossing, to investigate the horrific murders which shocked the nation.

The bodies of all three women were found lined up in a field along the banks of Evros, last week. Their hands were tied to their backs and their throats, slit in the same way.

Evros river

The bodies were found in a field by a passerby and they lay a short distance from each other near a migration route from Turkey over the Evros River frontier to northeastern Greece. The women were two teenagers and a 30-year-old, who investigators believe are all related.

Local officials told media that the assailant was experienced and had performed this type of execution before, adding that the killings bore the hallmarks of jihadi extremists.

"But this, this is, a jihadi-style execution and we are all alarmed," said Mayor of Pythio Haris Theoharis. 

The shocking crime comes amid growing concerns that terrorists involved with ISIS may be entering Greece amid a fresh upsurge in illegal migration, mainly along the Evros route.