Famous Athenian Hill to get a makeover

mount lycabettus athens 1224860

mount lycabettus athens 1224860

Athens Mayor George Kaminis announced major projects for the improvement of Lycabettus Hill and has called for tenders.

Spefically Kaminis has put forth four projects for improving access and structures on the famous Hill and include erosion and flood prevention works on its southeastern slope, replacement of the walkway, in-depth cleaning of the hill in hard to access places and the creation of a heavy-traffic walkway 3 km long.

“Lycabettus Hill bears a special meaning for Athens,” Mayor Kaminis said. “If the Acropolis is the city's international symbol, Lycabettus is city's symbol for Athenians.”

Other plans include general repairs and the tendering of shut down cafe bars on the hill, terraces protecting flora and fauna, and improvements in car access and parking around and on the hill.

The improvements are based on studies conducted by the Agricultural University of Athens and the National Metsovion Polytechnic, among others.