Phenomenal 1000-metre-long Spider Web covers Northern Greece’s Vistonida Lake



spider web

A huge spider web has formed at Lake Vistonida, in Greece’s north, transforming the landscape into a scene out of a movie.

The images are impressive, but not unprecedented, as the phenomenon also appeared a month ago in Aitoliko, Acarnania, western Greece.

Screen Shot 2018 10 18 at 11.40.14 am

Screen Shot 2018 10 18 at 11.44.29 am

Although this time the web is a lot longer and covers the front of Lake Vistonida on the road in front of Metochi of Vatopedi Monastery in Porto Lagos, stretching at least 1000 metres in length while reaching 10 meters in width at some points.


According to experts, the phenomenon is due to an increase in spider numbers, which in turn is the result of more snakes in the area. The web is now covering plants, shrubs, fences and even some chapels next to Lake Vistonida.

The spectacle has been impressing both locals and visitors who are taking plenty of photos of this rare scene.

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