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After Crucifix, Islamists on Lesvos vandalise more Christian structures

Following the vandalism of the crucifix on the island of Lesvos as reported previously by GCT, news has come to light of a second act of desecration of Orthodox religious symbols by suspected Islamists.

Authorities on the island alleged that Islamists on the island vandalised and destroyed a small ‘proskinitari’ built in the shape of a small chapel.

This second act of religious desecration took place in the same area as the vandalised crucifix.

According to sources, after the tearing down of the crucifix, authorities instructed the police to prevent any attempts to raise it in its place again for fear, it is suspected, of provoking the religious sentiment of other minorities.

The incident has caused an outrage amongst the citizens of Lesvos who fear their religious freedoms could be trampled on to appease other religious groups.

It has been reported by local media that authorities will prevent the restoration of the crucifix on the pretext that it needs a special permit from the town planning department.


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