Greek ship, first in the world to use wind power



Greece has once again proved it is a pioneer in shipping innovation, as Blue Planet Shipping based in Piraeus recently became the first company worldwide to manage a bulk carrier equipped with wind rotors.

Anemoi Marine Technologies from London who installed the wind rotors on the Greek ship, based on the Flettner principle, was recently awarded the most eco-friendly shipping service provider for 2018 at the Global Green Shipping Awards 2018.

The system uses wind power to help propel ships by improving their efficiency, reducing fuel consumption while also lowering operating costs.

Blue Planet Shipping, is keen on protecting the environment and putting its sustainability policies into action so it comes as no surprise the Piraeus- based company is a founding member of the Thalassa Foundation, a charity engaged in the preservation of the fragile marine environment and endangered marine species of the Sporades Islands and aspires to expand its activities beyond into a greater area of the Aegean Sea.

“We are committed to protecting the environment, as well as investing in sustainability and clean energy,” says Managing Director of Blue Planet Shipping, Marianthe Patrona.

That love of protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions is also a driver in Blue Planet Shipping’s day-to-day business dealings.

“Blue Planet combines traditional Greek shipping values along with an innovative spirit. The vessels under our management are equipped with innovative technology devices that enhance the level of safety and protect the environment," added Patrona.