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animal cruelty

A puppy in Heraklion, Crete has been found on the side of the road with her hair dyed blue. Unknown offenders are said to have painted the dog and left her stranded and frightened.

The dog was spotted on the Katsaba Bridge where many volunteers tried to approach the dog to help, however, she was in so much distress she continued running away.

Kalliopi Georgios Maravelaki who saw the dog and posted images on her Facebook page said, “The poor puppy is very scared and keeps running away from people. Some fool painted her blue. She is found under the Katsaba Bridge in Heraklion. We are trying to calm her down and to help the poor animal. If anyone recognises her, please let us know.”



Though Greece has made significant strides in treating animal abuse as the punishable crime that it is, activists and advocates say the system is still largely dysfunctional and allows many perpetrators to get away with it.

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