Massive tribute to legendary artist Leonardo Da Vinci taking place in Athens

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

In what will be a huge tribute to legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci, three separate exhibitions on the ultimate Renaissance genius will be merged into one for the first time to create a rich audiovisual experience transporting visitors through space and time, allowing them to discover the life and work of the artist who laid the foundations for some of the most important inventions in human history.

The exhibition opens its doors on November 30 and is scheduled to run for four months, until March 31.

Organised by the production company "Lavris" which also organised the highly successful interactive show "Van Gogh Alive - The Experience" attended by more than 200,000 visitors - in cooperation with Grande Exhibitions, the "Leonardo Da Vinci - 500 Years of Genius" exhibition will be held at the site of the Old OSY Train Depot in Gazi, central Athens.

The much-anticipated exhibition is taking place with the assistance of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome, the Lumiere Technology Institute in Paris, as well as specialists from Italy and France, the "Leonardo da Vinci 500 years of Genius" exhibition honours Leonardo da Vinci 500 years after his death, demonstrating the full range of his achievements.

Visitors will have the opportunity to admire, among other things, 75 models of his inventions, natural reproductions, interactive machines, copies of his famous codes and a total of more than 200 exhibits designed in collaboration with the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome. They will also have the chance to discover the secrets of the Mona Lisa through a detailed scientific analysis and presentation of the most famous work of art in the world.

The exhibition will include: 

- Over 200 unique exhibits of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome
- 75 replicas of Da Vinci's mechanical inventions
- 17 themes that highlight Leonardo's full spectrum
- Interactive experiences that encourage tactile learning
- Explanations of Da Vinci's theories and works
- Analysis and historical content of Da Vinci's core works using interactive and fun technologies
- Comparison between Leonardo da Vinci's work and modern technologies and mechanical applications
- Interactive and experiential SENSORY4 Trademark technology

"Leonardo Da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius"

Date:  30th of November, 2018 to 30th of March, 2019

Address: Piraeus and Ermou Depot, Gazi

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