US Police arrest drug dealer responsible for death of Sokratis Kokkalis 2

Police in the city of Cleveland arrested a 35-year-old male yesterday, Monday, and charged him with dealing the mix of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl which led to the death of Sokratis S. Kokkalis Jnr, aged 34.

According to a report by, 35-year-old Terry Lee Christian supplied Kokkalis the deadly concoction that led to his death on July 14 in a hotel room at the Marriott Hotel.

Surveillance footage showed the accused dealing with Kokkalis outside the Jack Cleveland Casino.

Sokratis S. Kokkalis Jr is the son of Socrates P. Kokkalis Sr the Greek billionaire founder of telecommunications giant Intracom and its subsidiary Intralot.

34-year-old son of Greek billionaire businessman Kokkalis dies suddenly