World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea


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The world's oldest intact shipwreck, believed to be an ancient Greek trading ship, has been discovered by researchers at the bottom of the Black Sea.

The 23-metre vessel was uncovered as part of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeological Project, with the international group of archaeologists, scientists and marine surveyors concluding that the vessel had been laying untouched for over 2,4000 years.

The shipwreck design also bears a resemblance to the vessel depicted on the 'Siren Vase', which dates back to around 480BC, currently displayed at the British Museum.


Principal investigator for the project, Professor Jon Adams stated that "a ship, surviving intact, from the classical world, lying in over two kilometres of water, is something I would never have believed possible."

"This will change our understanding of shipbuilding and seafaring in the ancient world," he added.

Researchers stated that the oxygen-free water had helped preserve the vessel.

A film documenting the discovery will be revealed on Tuesday October 23rd, at the British Museum.