Playboy Model poses naked at Hagia Sophia


Marisa Papen

Playboy model Marisa Papen has sparked fury by posing naked in front of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, which for almost 1,000 years was the largest Greek Orthodox Christian church in the world.

The Belgian model who was also jailed for posing naked for a photo shoot at an Egyptian temple and also in front of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall, stood in front of Hagia Sophia with a burka on, then lifted her skirt and posed without any underwear on.

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She posted the photo on her Instagram page and wrote, “Hagia Sophia – Praying for Equality (attempt#2- seems as IG is ruled by religious fools too).”

Papen also said, “We waited for the tour guide to talk with another group, which gave us enough time for me to pose naked and for the photography to take place.”

The model who describes herself as a “free-spirited and wild-hearted expressionist,” has defended her nude photos saying, “Religion is turning mankind more and more into pack animals.”

“We no longer get the chance to listen to our heart and instinct. From birth, we are being brainwashed. How can a skin, a nude body anger someone?”


Papen also posted an image of herself topless, with Turkish symbols displayed across her breasts, noting, “Then we actually have different understanding about freedom of speech. Counterquestion (as an example): Is it appropriate for, e.g. a rasist to use racist slogans – maybe in form of a painted picture? Or, is it accepted that someone blame others for homosexuality or skin color in songs? Following your understanding all of this should be art in combination with freedom of speech, right?! But damn, it isn’t! The world has become such a sad place full of egocentric people.”