6.6 Richter Earthquake rocks Zakynthos and shakes entire Greece



A 6.6 Richter earthquake rocked the island of Zakynthos and has been felt all over Greece, causing severe damage and power outages on the island.

Shocked locals on the Ionian island ran to the streets and said they had horrific flashbacks of the earthquake in 2008 in Zakynthos, due to the intensity of the shake.

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From first reports, immeasurable damage has occurred at the Tower of the Castro Monastery in Strofades.

According to Euro-Mediterranean data the size was 6.6 on the Richter and the focus was 53 kilometers southeastern to Zakynthos. Its focal depth was located at 10 km.

There are also reports by the Euro-Mediterranean Institute, warning of a small-scale tsunami that will last for several hours.

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The earthquake was so intense that, apart from Greece, it was also felt in southern Italy, Malta and Albania. The earthquake was felt throughout Athens, particularly felt in Messolonghi and Agrinio, where residents commented that it was long-lasting. In Patras, witnesses say it was so intense they thought there homes would fall

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