Niarchos Foundation provides warmth to families ahead of winter

mpakogiannis 52991320

mpakogiannis 52991320
The Regional Governor of Central Greece Kostas Bakoyannis announced the commencement of the programme 'Warm Home' which provides vulnerable families with funding for the purchase of heating fuel.

The programme, donated by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation comes ahead of the winter season and is part of a package of initiatives of the Region for combating social inequality, said Bakoyiannis.

"The concept of providence and support for those in need has meaning and substance when it is removed from political statements and becomes an act. This, in the Region of Sterea Ellada, we have conquered it. Let's talk less and move on. The people that need our support shouldn't have to search for us, but rather we should always be aware of their their needs and be right next to them in their moment of need," added the governor.

Those interested in the programme for either themselves or people they believe are in need can acquire further information by visiting: and