Schools and services in Zakynthos to remain closed after massive earthquake hits (PICS)


Zakynthis earthquake

Locals on Zakynthos island have been left shocked and scared after a massive earthquake, which has now been reported to have reached 6.8 on the Richter scale.

The island remains in the dark, as the power supply was cut off after the huge shake that took place at 1:30 in the morning.

Zakynthos earthquake

Locals from the city where most of the damage occurred have panicked and tried to leave the town and make their way to the countryside, as there have also been reports that a mini-tsunami may take place.

Zakynthos earthquake

Many tourists left their hotels and are gathering outside on the streets where they feel safer, and roads are blocking up all over the island as many are trying to exit the town.

So far, according to the fire brigade, thankfully no casualties or injuries have been reported.

The island's schools and all services will remain closed on Friday, October 26 due to the strong seismic activity on the island of Zakynthos and possible mini-tsunami.

Zakynthos has had severe earthquakes in the past, and as a result, has a very strict building safety code.


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