Greek TV channel MEGA stops broadcasting

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DqiVSKJWsAATdTS.jpg large

Ten minutes after 2am, on the morning of October 28 2018, MEGA, Greece's first private television station stopped broadcasting.

Viewers came across a black screen on the MEGA channel with the message "service is not available" signalling the end of the popular and loved television station.

This comes after Greece's National Council of Radio and Television ruling earlier this month that MEGA cannot resume broadcasting after failing to pay for a TV license and get a licence in the government’s restructuring of its free-to-air broadcasting.

Diega, a Greek network operator in an announcement stated "Digea informs the television audience that, following a written notification received from the National Council of Radio and Television (ESR), it will proceed, as required by law and its regulatory framework, to discontinuing the provision of digital broadcasting services of the national television station MEGA. The interruption will take place in the morning hours of 28/10/2018."

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MEGA farewelled its audiences with three of the most favourite series aired on the station “Τρεις Χάριτες”, “Δις Εξαμαρτείν” and “Απαράδεκτους”.

Devastated viewers took to social media to farewell and remember MEGA, with the hashtag #mega_telos and #MegaSynexizoume.

MEGA was just shy of celebrating 30 years on air, after launching on November 20 in 1989.