“We can destroy Greece in 4 hours,” says Turkish President Erdogan’s top adviser


Yigit Bulut

Turkish President Erdogan’s top advisor, Yigit Bulut, has again unleashed new threats against Greece, this time warning Turkey could destroy Greece in only 3 to 4 hours if Greece were to declare war against them.

According to a Turkish journalist, who posted the video of Bulut on Twitter, the chief adviser says that “Greece will totally end up in a catastrophe within three to four hours if it wages a war against #Turkey”.

During the program, Bulut tells Athens, "Turkey's military presence in the Aegean Sea is as much as three times more than the Greek one.

He claims Greece was provoked by major powers, especially Israel, to attack Turkey, citing an incident with a Greek frigate “Nikiphoros Fokas” which had recently intercepted the Turkish search and exploration vessel “Barbaros” in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bulut is known for regularly using provocative rhetoric in the past against Greece, in February he compared Greece with a fly. In an interview with TRT channel, he said Greece is no match for Turkey’s might: “It would be like a fly picking a fight with a giant.”