Greek terrorist out on leave again


Convicted “November 17” terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas was granted his fourth furlough on Sunday from the Volos farm prison where he has been in the past few months, serving multiple life sentences for his role as the 'hitman' of the notorious terror group.

Volos farm prison authorities approved a four-day leave for Koufodinas, with an additional two days travelling time from Volos to his home in Varnava, Attica and back again. This means that he is required to be back at the prison by Friday morning.

The fourlough has sparked outrage amongst political circles with opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Sunday pledging on social media to change the prison furlough system: 
"On the anniversary of the national holiday a new six-day furlough was given to the terrorist Koufodinas. I repeat so that all are aware: the furlough regime will change and unrepentant killers will not leave prison," he said.

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