Greece ranks as most religious country in Europe



Greece has been ranked as the most religious country in Europe, with 92 percent of Greeks stating they believe in God, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2015-17 and published on Monday.

The Pew survey was conducted between 2015 and 2017 with the participation of nearly 56,000 adults in 34 countries.

According to the survey, out of the 96 percent of Greeks who were raised Christian, 93 percent remain practicing Christians today. Overall, Greeks rank as the most religious people in Europe, with 55 percent of respondents stating their belief that religion is still very important in their lives.

More specifically, 76 percent of Greeks said that their nationality is defined by Christianity, behind Armenia (82 percent), Georgia (81 percent) and Serbia (78 percent).

Most people in France and the United Kingdom said they don’t feel that religion is a major part of their national identity.

In total, 92 percent of Greek said they believe in the existence of God, ahead of the Russians (75 percent).

On the other end of the scale, only 36 percent of Swedes said they believe in God.

Greece and Latvia had the highest rate of those that believe in the “evil eye,” with each on 66 percent – ahead of countries in Central and Eastern Europe such as Ukraine (60 percent), Armenia (59 percent), Moldova (57 percent), Russia (56 percent) and Bulgaria (55 percent).

Greece also ranked first in cultural superiority over others (89 percent), ahead of Armenia (84 percent) and Russia (69 percent).

The survey also shows only 31 percent Greeks would accept a Muslim as a member of their family while 35 percent would accept a Jew.