ION launches Chocopedia, an interactive journey through the history of chocolate


ION Chocolate


Greece’s favourite ION chocolate has just launched the first digital portal for cocoa and chocolate in Greece, where visitors are able to interactively learn about the history of chocolate!

The popular Greek brand has designed and launched the educational portal IONchocopedia (, which will be hosted as a microsite on its corporate website (

Through images, text and video, users enter the educational portal and can begin an interactive journey into the history of chocolate, which starts in distant tropical countries, then shows the various stages of harvesting, transporting, storing and processing cocoa beans, continuing with industrial production and ending with the creation of the final product that holds the hearts of consumers of all ages.

The educational portal also presents delicious ways of enjoying chocolate from around the world, as well as nutritional advice from special nutritionists.

The goal of the Chocopedia Education Portal is to educate children and teenagers, as well as educational organisations.

ION is the only company in Greece controlling the entire chocolate production process, from importing and selecting the cocoa bean to the final product, which is particularly sensitive to the emergence of responsible practices and innovative processes at every stage οf production.

ION was first sold in Greece in 1930 and now has three state-of-the-art production units, close to 1,000 employees.

History of ION, Greece’s most popular chocolate