Konstantinos Katsifas' parents refuse to bury their son until cause of death is confirmed


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On SKAI's TV, Mrs. Vasiliki Katsifa, mother of 35-year-old Konstantinos, who was killed by Albanian police on October 28, spoke about the moment Albanian police officers entered her home.

“No one has explained to us what happened," said the grieving mother.

Mrs. Katsifa said Albanian police officers broke down the door and entered the family home as they searched for her son and grabbed one of Konstantinos' jackets for police dogs to sniff, in order to find him.

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Asked why she believed Albanian authorities killed her son, Mrs Katsifa said they hate Greece and northern Epirus.

"My child never had any interference with the police, every year he raised the Greek flag and decorated the village and the church.”

The family’s lawyer Kostas Giovanopoulos who spoke on ANT1 television said, "We do not have any official information.” At the same time, he underlined that the details they have been given are misleading and differ from source to source, without any of the information being “formal.”

Asked whether the family would carry out a necropsy, he replied that "the first expert's report was theoretically completed" by Albanian authorities, however, "we have neither a document in our hands from the Albanian authorities nor that of the necropsy," and he added that "we do not even know who conducted the necropsy."

The lawyer also confirmed that the family will not proceed with the burial of their son until there was a clear answer as to the cause of death.

"I am restrained, on foreign territory, I can not say all that I want," Giovanopoulos noted. "We must ensure that the lives of the people who will stay behind, when we lawyers leave, will be okay. There are very suspicious circumstances on every level here, "he added.

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