John Macris’ wife in state of shock after his murder



The wife of Greek Australian John Macris, who was murdered on Wednesday evening is still in an absolute state of shock after finding out her 46-year-old husband had been shot dead outside their home in Voula, Athens.

Reports claim she was heard screaming “My boy, my King, why did they kill you?”

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Victoria Karyda is a former model who is currently taking part in Greece’s reality television series “My Style Rocks” where she has shared footage of her wedding to Macris, which took place in Mykonos in 2016.

In the series, she says her wedding day was “the best day of my life. I’m so happy I finally met the man of my dreams. It was even more special that we had our kids at our wedding,” said Karyda who has a son Achilleas and daughter Alexandra with Macris.

According to the latest police report, two cameras pointing to where Macris was murdered, have captured the assailants. The murderer is said to be about 1.70 tall and wore dark clothes while covering his face. The killer approached the driver’s side and shot a total of 6 times, killing Macris.

46-year-old Greek Australian John Macris shot dead in Athens