Space Hellas Founder dies


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Space Hellas Dimitris Manolopoulos passed away on Saturday at the age of 74, leaving behind him a very important legacy both as a dynamic entrepreneur and person.

The company released a statement paying tribute to its founder saying that "Space Hellas salutes its founder, a person who has distinguished himself throughout his life for the great passion for his work and above all for the unique way he directed and loved people. Dimitris Manolopoulos was a worthy leader, visionary, pioneer, mentor, hardworking, straightforward, incomparable and a charismatic man who always served his values”

Manolopoulos was born in 1944. He studied Electrical Engineering and had more than 50 years of experience in sales and international business, 1985 marked a major milestone in his career, with the creation of Space Hellas by a Greek company specialising in high technology projects. The success of Space Hellas since its inception in 1985 to date is inherent in the vision and work of Dimitris Manolopoulos so that today it is one of the country's largest technology providers.