Gyros to become officially recognised as a Greek food



Following Greek Feta and yogurt, now Greece’s famous Gyros will become officially recognised as a Greek food product with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and will have a Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG) certificate, based on European Union regulations.

Greece’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food has all the appropriate policies and procedures in place and representatives of the Association of Greek Meat Processing Industries (SEVEK) have already completed the package of documents required for the certification of Gyros as a TSG product to become official.

Gyros is internationally known as one of Greece’s favourite street foods and features lamb, pork and chicken servings, which are cut and placed inside Pita wraps.

After receiving the EU certification, Gyros will be a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), and Food product.

The Ministry said the formal process is expected to begin in January 2019 and will take around two months to complete. The completed file will then be sent to the European Commission and it is estimated that after 12-18 months it will be at the final stage for certification at a European level.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.