A Greek Island Dream: House of Natalia


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By Natalie Martin 

House of Natalia is the brainchild of Chrissie Papachristou, lover of Greece and all things fabulous and fashionable.

Born and raised in Sydney, Chrissie is a Greek Australian of Kytherian and Peloponnese background.

"As all girls do, I've always loved wearing jewellery, and have rarely started my day without adding that extra bit of 'bling' to my daily ensemble," said Chrissie in a recent interview with Greek City Times.

"From a young age, I remember trying on my mother's and my grandmother's jewellery, feeling like I was 'dripping in diamonds' so to speak."

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Chrissie’s guilty pleasure has been passed onto her own daughter Natalia, whom she regularly finds raiding her jewellery boxes trying on different pieces.  Therefore, it was only fitting, Chrissie decided, to name the business after her.

Being of Greek heritage, Chrissie has always been drawn to the delicate and unique design of jewellery from Greece and this obsession is reflected in the many pieces she has selected for her online store.

Chrissie’s first trip to Greece was in 1993 when she toured the country from top to bottom learning so much about her motherland's beautiful history.

After a trip back to Greece in 2014, Chrissie fell in love with Greece all over again.

"While strolling through the streets of Mykonos I came across shop after shop selling gorgeous, unique pieces of jewellery, kaftans, shoes, homewares, and fashion, and if money was unlimited I would've bought everything," Chrissie remembers.

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*Chrissie Papachristou, Director of House of Natalia

The whole Greek island scene encompasses everything I love - shopping/retail therapy and the incredible beach life.”

Upon returning to Sydney Chrissie decided to set up a business that captures this Greek essence, so ventured off to the Reed Gift Fair in search of wholesale suppliers.  The rest is history.

"In 2018, I expanded House of Natalia’s collections from jewellery to also include home décor and couture fashion designs,” Chrissie explained." All of my suppliers are of Greek backgrounds, such as OPA Designs, St George Candles, and Melissa Kritsokakis.”

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An active member of the Northern Beaches Wedding and Events Directory, House of Natalia exhibits its full range of couture fashion and jewellery accessories at their bridal expos.

“I love assisting brides and bridal parties with bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces,” enthused Chrissie.

House of Natalia showcases a wide range of affordable statement pieces that are infused with the Greek island vibe that we all love.

If it’s Christmas gift ideas you are looking for, or maybe just a treat for yourself, go to houseofnatalia.com.au today and start shopping.

Shipping is available worldwide.

Website: houseofnatalia.com.au

Instagram: @house_ofnatalia