Giorgos Sampanis releases new track "Ftaiei" (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2018 11 17 at 5.22.47 pm

Screen Shot 2018 11 17 at 5.22.47 pm

Giorgos Sampanis, one of the most talented singers/songwriters of his generation, has released a new song «Φταίει». 

The intense and powerful film clip was directed by Jimmy Drosinos.

Giorgos expresses deep emotions in the video, singing into a microphone while looking straight into the camera before alternating shots show him smashing a glass, letting out his anger, and glimpses of an unknown woman who we are told blames him for their destructive relationship.

The dynamic ballads were written by Giorgos himself, lyrics by Elena Vrahali and music produced and arranged by Soumka.

Giorgos hyped up the release of his new song released by Cobalt music on his social media platforms, which had all his followers across the world eager to hear the new track.  

*Watch the video here- 

“Φταίει” lyrics

Φταίει ο ήλιος που γέρνει,

μου φταίει, είσαι σκοτάδι, σε φέρνει.  

Φταίει η νύχτα που όνειρα κάνει, 

μου φταίει που ποτέ δεν σε φτάνει

και φταίει η ψυχή που παλιώνει 

και κλαίει για ο,τι πια τελειώνει. 

Φόβοι σα θεατές γύρω γύρω,

ποντάρουν σε ακόμα έναν γύρο.

Μακάρι όσα είπα σε σένα να μην τα‘χα πει,

μακάρι όσα είδα από σένα να μην τα’χα δει. 

Μα εδώ, να θυμάσαι στο τέλος πως όλα πληρώνονται εδώ,

αν η μοίρα υπάρχει θα κάνει το λογαριασμό,

τη βιτρίνα που έχεις για όλους θα σπάσει,

την απάτη που αγάπη ονομάζεις θα πάψει εδώ.

Τελικά ίσως φταίω για όλα μονάχα εγώ,

που αγκάλιασα έτσι ένα λάθος σα να’ταν μωρό.

Φταίει που είν’ η λύπη μου τόση,

μου φταίει που θυμάται την πτώση.

Φταίει που το μυαλό αρμενίζει, 

μου φταίει που στα ρηχά με γυρίζει

και φταίει ο μικρός ουρανός σου 

που κρύβει το μεγάλο γκρεμό σου.

Φταίει που είν’η ζωή μια αρένα,

στην πάλη εμείς δεν είμασταν ένα.

Το «γιατί» με καίει,

καθετί μού φταίει,

μια εσύ και μια κι εγώ. 

Μα αν η μοίρα υπάρχει, 

πια το λόγο θα ‘χει 

κι ίσως να δικαιωθώ. 

“Φταίει” lyrics translation

You blame the sun which is blazing,

blame me, you are darkness, it brings you.

You blame the night for the dreams,

It’s my fault you will never get it

And blame the soul for getting old

And cry for what is over.

Fears as spectators around,

bet on yet another round.

I wish I told you not to say,

I wish whatever I saw from you I did not see you.

But here, remember in the end that everything is paid here,

if fate exists, it will make the bill,

the showcase you have for everyone will break,

the love you call love will stop here.

After all I may be blamed for everything alone,

so I hugged the mistake like a baby.

You blame my regret so much,

blame me who remembers the fall.

You blame the mind for growing,

blame me for the shallow that turns

and you blame the your little sky

that hides your big cliff.

You blame that the life is like an arena,

in the fight we were not one.

The "why" burns me,

everything blame me,

you and me too.

But if fate exists,

the reason will be

and I may be justified.