Greece responds to pseudo state anniversary of occupied northern Cyprus



Greece's Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the occasion of the 35th Anniversary celebrations of "independence" by the occupation regime of Northern Cyprus last week, rebuking its unilateral declaration and calling it out as a 'pseudo-state'.

"This year marks 35 years since the illegal and unilateral declaration of “independence” of the pseudo-state, which has been condemned internationally by United Nations Security Council Resolutions 541 (1983) and 550 (1984). Today's sad anniversary for the international community, reminds everybody of the flagrant violation of the fundamental Principles of the UN Charter that resulted from the illegal Turkish military invasion, the occupation of a part of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, and the establishment of settlers."

"Turkey must comply with the aforementioned UN Security Council Resolutions that call for the withdrawal of the illegal and void proclamation of the pseudo-state in the occupied part of Cyprus. Furthermore, we call upon Turkey to work towards the achievement of a fair, viable and comprehensive solution to the Cyprus issue, which will safeguard fundamental human rights for the entire people of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as all the rights and freedoms deriving from Cyprus’ European Union membership."

"Greece, standing by the Republic of Cyprus, shall never accept the faits accomplis of the Turkish invasion and occupation, and shall continue to steadfastly and responsibly contribute to the restoration of International Law in Cyprus. This can only be achieved through termination of the occupation, abolition of the anachronistic system of guarantees, and the reunification of Cyprus on the basis of the UN Security Council Resolutions."