Greek students win Gold at World Robot Olympiad


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Three Greek students have won gold for Greece at the World Robot Olympiad, which took place in Thailand from 16 to 18 of November 2018.

Heracles, Evita, and Artemis from Iráklion, Athens, competed in the Open High School category and took gold there, while also placing fourth in the world overall, which is a huge achievement for the youngsters.

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*Image courtesy of Nikos Babalos

The three teenagers of the 3rd Elementary School showed that with dedication and passion, anything can be achieved.  The Open class category asked students to create their own smart robotic solution based on Food Matters.

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*Image courtesy of WRO Hellas

The students had to show the ability to produce more food in smaller space, even within a city, with reduced water use and production costs, aiming to show that robotics should have as its only objectives the improvement of the quality of life, the safeguard of nature and the protection of the earth.

The students were guided by their coach George Markopoulos who was very dedicated to his team and was extremely proud of their achievements.