The town of Kyparissia in Messinia, Peloponnese, has been left mourning after three 15-year-old boys lost their lives in a horrific car crash when one of them secretly took his father’s car for a ride.

The three boys left school after an hour of arriving and went for a drive in one of the boy’s father’s car, which is when the tragedy occurred on the Pyrgos-Methonis highway.

The teenagers were very well-known in the community as they played for the local football team at Kyparissia Athletic Club and were also said to be very good students.

15-year-old Enrico Buzani, a native of Albania, secretly took his father’s car and, along with his friends, began driving through Kyparissia.

His two friends, 15-year-old Nikos Trielonas and 15-year-old Bulgarian boy Christos Mertai instantly lost their lives at around 10am after the car collided with a passing van driven by a 48-year-old Romanian man who is in hospital.

The crash was so strong that there was no hope of any of the boys surviving.

According to reports, the minor driver was going at a very high speed on the road to Filiatra, which has many “difficult” points.  The entire area of Kyparissia is in mourning as the three children were known and loved in the local community as their families have lived in the area for several years.