President honours Universal Children’s Day



Greece’s President Prokopios Pavlopoulos honoured Universal Children’s Day with a special ceremony on Tuesday at the Presidential Mansion.

The President hosted a large group of children and stressed during his speech that ‘Universal Children's Rights Day’ is a matter of culture and explained that a State shows its level of education when it adopts the right behaviour towards children and prepares it in order to face the challenges of the future and the real world which is full of contradictions.

He also referred to the enormous problems faced by children today, even in the most advanced countries, and underlined the need for cooperation between the State, the family and the organisations for the protection of children's rights, noting that the shaping of their character, is the greatest task we have.

In this context, Pavlopoulos reminded that November 20 serves as a constant reminder of its obligation to ensure the protection and development of childhood in peace, prosperity, freedom, justice and equal opportunities.

The Prime Minister also added his support to the Day by emphasising his government’s policy and funding initiatives in the area of social welfare.

"The State supports the family and guarantees the rights of all children living in the country. Not only because it has a moral obligation, but because this is the way to guarantee the future," Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras posted on Twitter on Universal Children's day.