Israeli interest in Greece on the high, especially cannabis cultivation

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Israel's Ambassador to Greece, Irit Ben-Abba said that Israeli entrepreneurs show more and more interest to invest in Greece seeking business opportunities, noting that cannabis cultivation is one of the potential areas of cooperation.

Ben-Abba made the comments during an interview with Greek news agency ANA on the sidelines of 'Thessaloniki Summit 2018'.

"I am very optimistic over the prospects of the Greek economy and the Israeli entrepreneurs are also optimistic. It is still a bit difficult but I am certain that we will find the right way to do it in the near future.

"I speak of investments in high tech, agricultural projects, there is interest from Israeli companies activating in the area of industrial cannabis to invest in farming areas in Greece as our country lacks water and earth and here there is lots of water and earth" Ben-Abba explained

In reference to the trilateral cooperation between Greece, Israel and Cyprus, the Israeli envoy said that "we achieved many things in less than three years" adding that "we will do more."

"Energy was the main reason of our cooperation but it extended in many other sectors of interest for the three countries, however, energy remains the top project."

The Israeli Ambassador expressed hope that "at last we will be able to sign this agreement among the involved countries, which also includes Italy, for the EastMed pipeline" adding that the text is ready and this is good news.

"The text is ready and it has been submitted to the Commission for the final approval and afterwards it must be signed by the minister, we hope very soon. A new summit will be held in Israel on December 20 and we hope that it will signed then, if not then I am certain that there will be a declaration from the ministers that they reached an agreement. It is a very important and strategic project between Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy. Practically is the transfer of natural gas from the Middle East to Europe", she said.

On the electric power interconnection project EuroAsia Interconnector, she underlined that "we have not made the progress we wanted but I am certain that now that we are close to the EastMed agreement, we will be able to proceed with the next project. The sky is the limit. As long there is will the way will be found."