Father who killed his 3 children in Crete, released from jail


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60-year-old Giorgos Metaxakis, a father who drowned his three young children in the Almyros river in Heraklion, Crete in 1999 was released from jail on Friday the 23rd of November, according to Creta Post.

The family in Crete has been informed of his release and according to reports, he has been banned from travelling to the island.

In early September 1999, Metaxakis wife had left him and he kidnapped his four children - three boys and one girl - and threatened to kill them in the hope of having her return. His threat finally took place on September 20th, 1999.

Giorgos Metaxakakis, who was 41-years-old at the time, parked his car on the Almyros River in Heraklion and tied the girl to the gear lever and led the three boys to the river bank. There he threw them into the river and then went into the car and left with his daughter in the Mochos area where he abandoned her.

*Giorgos Metaxakis

When the children were found dead, he said they were killed in an accident, but later confessed.

The day after the horrific crime, Metaxakis was arrested by authorities and jailed. When the time came for his trial, he refused to apologise for his unfathomable actions.

The judge handed down three life sentences, one for each child. Metaxakis filed for an appeal but he did not appear for his second trial.

The family, especially his now 32-year-old daughter are said to be in a state of shock and anger at his recent release.

*Source: Creta Post