Greece’s Top 10 most loved dishes

Greece’s Top 10 most loved dishes 3

The biggest food poll in Greece was conducted by leading Greek food publication Olive Magazine and their online version, olivemagazine.gr

Over three months the Greek public was asked to vote for their favourite  Greek dishes and from August through to the end of October, Olive readers voted online for their most loved food through a list of 100 well-known dishes that were separated into categories.

Greece’s Top 10 most loved dishes 4

The list has now been revealed and here are the Top 10 Greek dishes, according to all those who voted in the country – 

  1. Gemista
  2. Patates Tiganites
  3. Moussakas
  4. Xoriatiki Salata
  5. Makaronia me kima
  6. Pastitsio
  7. Souvlaki
  8. Keftedes
  9. Gigantes Plaki
  10. Spanakopita

Yiayia’s Gemista recipe

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