FYROM’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev made provocative statements over the weekend claiming that Skopje’s “Macedonian language” will be taught in Greece, under the Prespa Agreement.

In an attempt to convince his opposition to vote in favour of the agreement, the Skopje PM noted that especially for the “Macedonians” in the Aegean, almost nothing has changed in the last 27 years – from the independence of “Macedonia” – and that under the new agreement there is the possibility that the “Macedonian” language will be taught around Greece.

According to Skopje, “Macedonia of the Aegean” is called Greek Macedonia, which they say in 1913 was “conquered” by Greece, who then applied “ethnic cleansing” policies against the “Macedonians”.

A report in echedoros-a.gr says Zaev’s statements were made in Parliament in an effort to refute the remarks of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, that the change of the constitutional name of the country will be bad for the citizens of FYROM as they will lose their identity.

Zaev also reinforced to the opposition that voting for constitutional amendments will pave the way for FYROM to enter the EU and NATO.

FYROM is now a step closer to changing the country’s name to “Republic of North Macedonia,” as on Sunday 67 MP’s in the 120-member Parliament voted in favour of a second required amendment.

Zaev’s government also submitted four proposed revisions to the country’s constitution, as per their June agreement with Greece.

If the ratification of the Prespa Agreement is approved in FYROM’s Parliament House, proceedings will then begin in Greece’s parliament.

*Source: echedoros-a.gr 

FYROM starts process to change name to ‘Northern Macedonia’