Greek Australian family create a range of healthy, herbal based beverages

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Screen Shot 2018 12 05 at 10.59.46 AM

Herbal Fix is a beverage company that helps provide specific health benefits for the human body, through their range of 6 distinctively flavoured drinks. Established in 2013, it originated from the idea of using natural alternatives and the power of herbs. Herbal Fix became the first beverage brand in Australia with a range of herbal alternatives in a can. “There is nothing in the world on a par with Herbal Fix. Nothing that has the same ingredients, the same packaging or names with the same benefits,” Maria Kavadas, one of the founders of Herbal Fix said. With mountain piles of paper and endless months of research, Maria and her father Paul noticed that functional beverages were huge and widely popular in other countries but didn’t exist in Australia. Food scientists came on board and the formulation process began. Maria and the team produced a variety of samples, which was followed by lots of taste testing and focus groups were also undertaken, all shaping the final products containing the best ingredients, which Maria is proud of.

Maria Kavadas Holding herbal fix cans
Maria Kavadas

Containing organic herbs, vitamins and minerals, plus using all natural ingredients and no processed sugar, Herbal Fix created a range of unique beverages- Beauty, Love, Active, Relax, Shape and Focus, all named after the health benefits each provide in a slim 300ml can, which helps preserve the carbonation and the herbs. “Herbal remedies have been successfully used for thousands of years and are still the first choice in many cultures. They have also been known to have a profound transformation in health without the danger of side effects that are common in drug-based medication,” adds Maria. Beauty- formulated to help you glow from the inside-out Love- formulated to stimulate your sensitive blood flows and intimate desires Active- formulated to give you an energy boost Relax- formulated to promote a sense of relaxation and calm Shape- formulated to boost your metabolism and aid in fat loss Focus- formulated to enhance mental functioning The six unique formulations were approved by the Made in Australia Logo, with 90% of the herbs coming from Australia. The hardest part Maria notes were the recipes, but “when you look back it's a huge accomplishment putting a drink together, from herbs to the formulations to the labelling, marketing and then being on the supermarket shelves.” Maria says you can also be creative by making a banana smoothie with Active, which she says is delicious! Earlier this year Herbal Fix was awarded the Stamegna Award for Innovation for its line of herbal beverages, in Miami, United States of America. The award, which they won for the second year in a row was based on the opinions of expert buyers from around the world. With Maria and her family pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into Herbal Fix, she says they will continue to aim high, “there is a high failure rate for small business, a higher failure for beverages in particular… and because it's a family business, there is even more pressure. We all want it to succeed." Maria believes as more consumers are moving towards natural based remedies, there seems to be more demand for Herbal Fix drinks, which promotes health and well-being. Herbal Fix is available in 7-Eleven, selected IGAs and Online.

Herbal Fix