Defense Minister Kammenos begins crowdfunding for new Greek warships


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Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos has made an appeal to Greece’s citizens to help raise money for new warships by starting a crowdfunding campaign and promising to donate his own month salary towards the cause.

On Thursday, November 6, marking the Feast Day of Agios Nikolaos, Greece’s patron Saint of the sea,  Kammenos announced he will open a bank account on January 1st where members of the public can make donations "for new frigates and a flagship."

He also asked for Greece’s shipping magnates to dig deep, as well as calling on everyday Greeks to donate.

"I will be the first to deposit my salary in this effort," said Kammenos, adding,  “Greece is showing its strength through its martial and merchant navy and due to instability with neighbouring countries, such as Turkey, responsibility will grow."