Christos Vasileiadis set to take the ultimate survival challenge in ice cold temperatures

Screen Shot 2018 12 10 at 2.15.59 pm

Screen Shot 2018 12 10 at 2.15.59 pm

Ambitious and brave Christos Vasileiadis, from Thessaloniki, was born with a thirst for adventure and travel. He has a passion for exploring what nature has to offer and to challenge himself further, he has now entered the Fjällräven Polar competition, the ultimate survival expedition set in minus 30 degrees temperatures.

The journey of a lifetime is a 300km-long dogsled trek and only 168 people around the world have completed it so far.

Christos’ dream is to be a part of this global event, crossing the Arctic Circle from Northern Norway to Northern Sweden. Not only do participants drive their own dogsleds, but they also need to take care of their own dogs, prepare their own food and set up their own camps.

Christos entered into this competition because he was inspired by his brother who participated last year. “Seeing him with the Greek Flag crossing the Arctic Circle through the cold and ice made me very proud of him and I felt like it was challenging me to do it. I want to continue the Greek legacy, to carry once again the Greek Flag with a sled for 300km over the Arctic Circle, near the North Pole with honour and pride for my country and all Greeks.”

Surviving the Arctic cold, learning to team up with people from other countries and of course to overcome his limits will be a challenge, but Christos says that this once in a lifetime opportunity will get him out of his comfort zone.

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Over the years, participants have faced everything from blizzards and minus 30°C temperatures to beautiful, sun-drenched landscapes of crisp white snow. For a few lucky people, Fjällräven Polar is the opportunity to test their limits on the adventure of a lifetime.

Apart from the adrenaline of seeking adventure, Christos is also a ‘sports junkie’. “I love football and tennis. I enjoy walking through nature and taking photos of everything Mother Earth has to offer. Trekking is something I love.”

And to fill up his stomach that is always hungry for the thrills, he loves moussaka and his mother’s pastitsio, which he says is the best thing he has ever tasted.

After completing his dream, the Fjällräven Polar competition, he wants to travel to Asia and learn about new cultures and civilizations. “I love meeting new people and sharing my travel experiences and also to photograph sunsets and landscapes there.” Looking into the future, he hopes to see himself with a beautiful family, as he loves kids and his biggest dream is to have kids and lots of puppies.

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