Greek Army the most trusted personnel in Greece

filesstratos 595225985

filesstratos 595225985

According to a new opinion poll, the Greek public says they trust the Greek Army more than any other institution in the country.

In a report published by Public Issue, 89 percent of those polled revealed they have confidence in the way the country’s armed forces operate.

The survey also showed that the Greek Police is the second most trusted institution, with 72 percent, ahead of schools with 66 percent and the President of the Republic with 62 percent, universities with 60 percent followed by the Church with 59 percent.


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On the other hand, political parties were only trusted by 12 percent, NGOs by 13 percent, television 22 percent, newspapers 24 percent, banks 28 percent and Parliament 30 percent.

The biggest positive change compared to last year’s survey was observed in the Bank of Greece, where the public increased its confidence by 7 percent and the Justice system by 5 percent.

 On the other hand, the greatest decline in confidence was seen in NGOs by 43 percent, universities by 13 percent and schools by 5 percent.