Must-see, powerful Greek video goes viral (VIDEO)

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A new powerful Greek video titled “My Brother,” has gone viral, highlighting the importance of respecting people with disabilities.

Created by Greek director Theodoris Papadaoulakis it is a confronting and impactful short film, sending a shocking message of how "inhospitable" cities can be for people with disabilities.

From the unpleasant reality of poor urban planning to the blatant lack of respect for those in wheelchairs, the film which was shot in Chania, Crete manages to capture the day to day challenges within just four minutes.

It also shows Greece’s lack of walkways for wheelchair users, drivers constantly blocking ramps with their vehicles, cafés preventing people in wheelchairs from passing by and the unsympathetic attitude and stares encountered by disabled people and their families.

The new short film is based on a project initiated by Alexandra Manousakis and urges everyone to open their eyes and to change their attitude.

The video also urges city planners to think beyond their own comfort zone and to begin sharing community space with everyone on equal terms. It sends a clear message to respect life, that is all human life.

*Watch the video here-