Greek students invent lipstick from grapes

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Greek students from the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) won first prize in the first VitiVini LAB innovation competition on Friday with their innovation of making lipstick out of grape pulp.

The AUA students (Aggeliki Mitropoulou, Athanasios Bizos, Pinelopi Liontiou, Marigo Adamopoulou and Dimitra Arvanitaki) prepared their proposal under the guidance of Professor Petros Tarantilis.

Grape pulp, the natural colouring out of which they proposed to make lipstick, is a winemaking side product – specifically, what remains after stomping the grapes and extracting the must.

Another six proposals were awarded prizes at the VitiVini LAB competition. The members of all seven groups will enter the next stage of the competition, during which scientists and distinguished professionals will deliver educational seminars aimed at helping the winners to develop business plans so their ideas can venture out into the world.

The competition was organised by the National Inter-Professional Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece.