Landslides destroy roads and house on Lesvos island


Major landslides by heavy rainfall have caused serious damage to the road network and houses in the municipality of Plomari on the island of Lesvos according to local authorities.

Authorities closed certain roads due to safety concerns following the landslides, with Plomari-Melinda and the Akrasi-Drotas roads now closed while serious problems have been reported on rural roads in Thermi, Plomari and Geras.

According to experts, the landslides and morphology of the land in the area in recent days have aggravated problems caused by the earthquake that struck in southern Lesvos on June 12, 2017.

Plomari Deputy Mayor Manolis Armenakas called for urgent surveys to locate areas where further landslides might occur, warning that failure to act could lead to casualties or even fatalities. He pointed to a series of landslides and rockfalls caused by heavy rains within the town of Plomari a month earlier that destroyed houses and threatened neighbourhoods.