Greek Canadian launches cool and casual urban clothing brand

Screen Shot 2018 12 18 at 11.58.49 am

Screen Shot 2018 12 18 at 11.58.49 am

Created by 21-year-old Greek Canadian Vasilis Bourikas, V Λ Σ Ι Λ Ι is a new clothing line incorporating modern designs with Greek urban culture.

From a young age, Vasilis was certain he wanted to own his own business where he could connect back to Greece and his Greek culture. Being a proud 3rd generation Greek, he says he is “extremely thankful that my family has instilled the Greek culture and values in me. Although I was born in Canada, I still do view myself as a "Greek" born in Canada, rather than a Canadian of Greek roots.”

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Currently studying Political Science & Marketing at the York University in Toronto, balancing 2 part-time office jobs, as well as DJing on the weekends, Vasilis' everyday schedule is hectic.

Along with his close family friend, Dimitri Tsampiras, together they designed the logo, editing design measurements and finalising the files. “As the business is still in its early stages, I have spent a good amount of time designing, however, I believe there will be more time available once I graduate from University, this upcoming April 2019!”

Also known as DJ Golden Feta, Vasilis made a few pieces of clothing, sweaters, hoodies, and t-shirts. “I noticed people loved wearing cool logos and something they felt represented them! A lot of people loved my Golden Feta concept because they identified with my music/mixes! They loved representing Greek culture and wearing it."

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This is what inspired him to create his own clothing brand.

“The origin and etymology of the Greek name ‘Βασίλης’ come from the word ‘Βασιλιάς’ and ‘Βασιλιάδες’ meaning ‘King" and ‘Royalty’ and that's what inspired the whole concept of the clothing line. Anyone can be and deserves to be a King/Queen!”, which is why the logo features a crown.

Vasilis also wanted to “do something that was sharp and clean but also ‘foreign’ and ‘European’ inspired," which is why he used both Greek and English letters.

“Greek culture has influenced me in so many ways, from business to having a positive perspective and the ultimate value of ‘Filotimo’! For this, I thank my parents, grandparents and my whole family.”

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The brand currently has a few celebrity spokesmodels around the world including, Zan Batist, singer of the hit song ‘Pes Tou’, Greek Rap Duo ‘Jackpot’, UK Rap Artist ‘K-Koke’ and Simon Ngyuyen, aka the ‘Kinezo’. 

If Vasilis could have anyone wearing his clothing brand, it would have to be Greek, NBA Star Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“There are so many reasons, but the main one is because he is someone who has made it to the highest level of success and never forgot about his homeland. He started off in Athens, and has since made it to the NBA, living in Milwaukee but, he supports Greece, arguably more than any other public figure! His love for Ellada is second to none, and I admire his humility and love for Greece. I, as a Greek living in Canada, hope to be able to do the same one day.

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"My love for Greece is unmatched and I thank this country and its cultural values for making me the person I am today. If God ever blessed "Vasili Clothing" with success I hope to give back to the homeland, whether it be through charity, jobs or any method of support.”

Vasilis also revealed that there is a future collection in store, ‘Vasili on the Go’ will feature products such as hats, phone, and watches, which will launch in Spring 2019.

“Looking forward to the next few years, I approach the future with my personal motto. High dreams, low expectations. What this does for me is to allow myself to reach for the stars! The sky is the limit! But it also allows me to never get disappointed! I've come to learn that both success and failure are to be celebrated, as both are learning experiences.”

Vasilis hopes that in the next few years the brand gains popularity, as his long-term goal is to one day operate V Λ Σ Ι Λ Ι branch stores in both Toronto and Athens. 

V Λ Σ Ι Λ Ι is shipped internationally and you can find them here. 

*Commercial and photography by Dimitris Apostolos, Apostolos Films