FM's of Greece, Cyprus and Jordan meet in Nicosia

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Greece's Foreign Minister Gorges Katrougalos, met on Wednesday with the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides and of Jordan Ayman Al Safadi in Nicosia, to discuss trilateral issues and reaffirm the relationship between the three countries.

Following their meeting Katrougalos said Greece, Cyprus and Jordan are committed to promoting peace and to resolving conflicts in the region like those of the Cyprus and Palestinian issues.

The three countries, Katrougalos said, "are establishing a regional system of collaboration that looks to promote stability and peace in the area." Greece and Cyprus in particular, he said, are promoting a lot of trilateral cooperations in the region because "we don't want to be just pillars of stability, we want to export this stability towards peace and prosperity for our peoples."

He said today's meeting was "especially successful," as it prepared the ground for the meeting of leaders of the three countries in the first half of next year.