Greece and neighbours hope to jointly  host the EURO or World Cup

Euro 2016 Beau Jeu 12

Euro 2016 Beau Jeu 12

Greece's  Deputy Culture and Sports Minister Giorgos Vassiliadis  expressed his optimism following the conclusion of the Bulgaria-Greece-Romania-Serbia summit for the joint nomination of EURO 2028 or the World Cup in 2030.

Regardless of the outcome, he believes that this collaboration is already successful, as they "proved" that all four "united countries have turned a page."

Vassiliadis expressed his optimism that there are good hopes to have a positive result, but made it clear that the most important thing is the journey and the fact that co-candidacy is only the beginning in the cooperation of the four countries.

"I am very happy with the meeting. The main objective of the joint candidacy is for our countries to come close. We have a common vision and goal and we will try to make it a reality. We want to show everyone that these regions, affected by extreme situations, have turned a page. So our target has so far been achieved," he said and added: "We have laid the foundations for our candidacy. I think we have good hopes. We have made an analysis for the needs of each country."

"The most important part is the journey. We must proceed together. I have the feeling that if we work hard, we will have many hopes for such a big event to take place in the Balkans for the first time," he underlined.

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