Greek university takes lead with breakthrough innovations


The University of Macedonia is amongst those Greek universities who have started investing in research and development, and coming up with breakthrough innovations such as electronic dogs that guide the blind, special gloves that allow them to touch the Acropolis and the White Tower and specially designed maps for blind people.

"We aim to be international pioneers," said Professor Konstantinos Papadopoulos describing the electronic dog guide as a drone designed with certain specifications to provide information about location and obstacles that may occur in a person’s way.

Papadolopoulos discussed his team's innovations during an interview with ANA, where he discussed innovation initiatives in Greece and about the research that is developing in Greek universities.

"Judging from the proposals that we have made so far and how many of them have been adopted, I can say that we have a particularly high success rate. Much more than the average of Europe," he said.

However, he said that "sometimes achievements remain inactive."